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Regardless of the position you hold in your organization, your work day is a series of negotiations. The ability to use all-win negotiation skills can make all the difference in your negotiating success and is essential to influencing people and facilitating constructive, positive relationships. It is critical that you professionally approach your responsibilities in such a way as to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome that can prepare everyone for long-term success.
There are four critical elements to identify. First, we must carefully observe the actions taken by the other party, like how they react or how they try to get us to react. More important than their actions are the agendas behind those actions. We need to understand the underlying causes and pressures that cause people to behave the way they do. Then, we can look for ways to create alignment as side-by-side problem solving rather than face-to-face confrontation. This will help us determine the added value we present that gives us a competitive advantage.
Whether we like or dislike bargaining, it's a natural and integral part of any negotiation. We need to identify ideal, realistic and fallback positions for both parties so we know the scope of our negotiation points. We analyze the classic negotiations tactics to determine which tactics we could apply, and how to respond to tactics from the other side. We will address four principles to manage our reactions before taking the last steps to finalize a win-win agreement. When we get to the final agreement in a negotiation, we want to both sides to feel that they got a fair deal, and want to work with us again.

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Who Should Attend

-Salespeople: Go beyond the price objection and add 40% more sales.
-Customer Service Representatives: Handle challenging situations with more ease, resulting in happier customers.
-Managers, Supervisors and Lead Hands: Learn to be flexible with people while still meeting an organization's policies, procedures and production requirements.
-Administrators: Get co-operation from conflicting departments.
-Technical People: Collaborate more effectively with project managers and salespeople.
-Project Managers: Get the resources you need, when you need them, even if you don't have "position" power.


  • Analyze negotiation actions and agendas from the other party
  • Implement strategies for effective negotiation planning and preparation
  • Respond to common negotiations tactics
  • Create side-by-side problem solving rather than confrontation
  • Apply negotiation approaches to achieve mutually beneficial results

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