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Improving Cold Calling Skills

July 24, 2012 12:52 PM
When starting off in a sales position many individuals experience the same difficulties. What I tell sales employees to keep in mind is that the stereotypical view of salespeople is a misconception; and not to let that bring them down. Each successful sales person follows a process and it’s about understanding the core values of the customer. Here are some things you should consider in your process.


1. Phone call efficiency. It’s very easy for customers to avoid sales calls and find them as an interruption. It’s necessary to make your phone calls as efficient as possible. Get right to the point, as listener’s attention spans are short on the phone. Keep a positive attitude and put a smile on your face, it will come through in your tone. Use language that gets the prospects excited by utilizing power words such as reduce, eliminate, increase, savings, invest, specialized, etc. to get buyers excited.

2. Keeping the customer interested. When calling someone, they are usually on guard and not open to talking. Start out with saying "The reason I am calling is…." This grabs their attention and immediately answers why you are calling. You must constantly keep the customer interested to hear more of what you have to say. State some names of other companies you have done work for, and what they have been able to achieve from it. Buyers constantly want to improve their business; they don’t want to buy the product– they want to buy the results of the product you’re selling.

 3. How to reach customers through voicemail. When being transferred to voicemail many salespeople think it’s a lost opportunity to gaining a new customer. It may come as a surprise but voicemail can be tremendously effective in grabbing the customer’s attention. The reason for its effectiveness is that it allows you to leave far more information than just leaving a message with a secretary. The listener will hear first hand what you have to say before disregarding the message. Start off by distinctively saying your name and number. Then state your power phrase to make to the voicemail more compelling. You don’t want to just leave a name and number. If the system allows you to, make sure you check the message before sending it. Finally, always leave your number again at the end of the message.

Remember your goal is to motivate the customer to buy. People don’t want to be sold, they want to have their needs and desires satisfied. Keep the potential buyer interested with key words and phrases. Don’t get discouraged, remember every "no" gets you closer to yes!

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